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Virtual Breadboard


Seen this yet?

That is just too cool when you think about where that could go. Mind starts spining thinking of MS taking that and polishing the ball. Connect virtual FEZs, leds, motors, resistors, sensors. Double click on PIC to edit/change program. Use a virtual multi-meter. Auto-convert BB to a PCB layout. Could probably have almost as much fun in virtual hardware space. Shorting virtual circuits much cheaper. Pass around working prototype boards in an xml/json file and get to push the buttons and make changes. What a learning tool.
Can monetize it easy. Sell v-part plug-ins at 5 bucks or something. Companies could even sponsor free parts for exchange of a logo and link on the part.


This reminded me of what I used to do years back!
We used the 3D Virtual Reality technologies combined with 2D presentation.
I don’t know that if the company still operates,but the web site still exist.


Tried this software before and deleted it because it was full of bugs.
Downloaded it again and got an exception again. Deleted. :smiley:


Same here. I guess you have to make sure:

"However, VirtualBreadboard has the following dependencies which need to be installed on your computer. These may already be installed on your computer and only need to be installed once.

  1. Latest version of DirectX - Click here to download from Microsoft
  2. .Net 2.0 Redistributable. Click here to download from Microsoft
  3. J# 2.0 Redistributable. Click here to download from Microsoft"

I was more interested in the idea of a good implementation and where that could go.


I just ran across VBB tonight and was also jazzed about the concept, then found this thread. Buggy, huh? Bummer. Dependecies on .NET 2 and J# are an also an indication this may not be a “serious” effort.

I pinged the developer to get some details about the netduino emulator and asked how much of a leap it would be to do the same for our boards. I’ll post any feedback. It would be really cool if he was amenable to going open source and letting us at it…