Viewing debugger text stream

Is there a way to connect to the debugger text stream from outside of a Visual Studio debug session? If I “Ping” the device in MFDeploy, I’ll get some of the output, but I’d like it to pop up when it arrives. Going to Target > Connect didn’t do anything for me.

it should… it did for me two nights ago when I last did it :slight_smile: All GC and debug.print info visible in the lower part of the window…

Works for me too.

I should mention I’m printing debug messages from TinyBooter, not TinyCLR.

This prints the message, but only when I click “Ping”:

DebuggerPort_Write(HalSystemConfig.DebugTextPort, "Hey", 3);

you’re on your own buddy, good luck :wink:

Not many ppl play at that level so your target audience will be, oh, un, GHI and that’s probably it?