VideoOut Module VGA Output and Higher Resolution Display

I’ve got a 1024x600 LCD that can accept VGA inputs.

Since the current generation of NETMF boards only support 800x600 output, if I use the VideoOut module’s VGA output to interface between my FEZ and my display, which of the 2 outcomes will happen?

1.) The 800x600 NETMF output will stretch to fill the 1024x600 display.


2.) The 800x600 NETMF output will NOT stretch, and I will simply end up with unused space to the left and right of the display.


  1. your display will convert itself to run at 800x600

Thanks, Gus. Yeah . . . it was kind of a dumb question in hindsight. After all, computer monitors simply stretch the VGA input if you drop the display resolution on your PC.