VideoOut Module in Plain NETMF

Simple question (I think): how would I go about using the VideoOut module in vanilla NETMF?

Gadgeteer is still rather foreign to me, and I’m not certain to what degree (if any) that Gadgeteer modules can be accessed from NETMF.

The good thing about Gadgeteer is that every module’s driver source code is available. You can take that code and adopt it for plain NetMF easily. In case of videoout module you only need to set it’s resolution.

I do not think this one is open but if you can’t find what you need then contact GHI directly please.

Thanks. Lemme dig around, and if I get stuck I’ll contact GHI.

@ Iggmoe - You still going to use a Gadgeteer board with that module, correct?

@ Architect - I’m currently using a Cobra II for my feasibility testing. The end-product is intended to be a G400 on a custom PCB, with the appropriate connections for R, G, B, and Y.

@ GHI - I sent a request through the “Contact Us” page regarding this topic several days ago. Will someone be getting in touch with me soon?