VideoOut module Debug.Print issue


I have a Fez Hydra board running .Net MF 4.3. I added a GHI VideoOut 1.3 module to the board. When i reset the board i can see information showing on the monitor which tells me that the board is working fine (see IMG_6776.jpg) so i added this code:

void ProgramStarted()
    this.videoOut.DebugPrintEnabled = true;


    //this.videoOut.SimpleGraphics.DisplayLine(new GT.Color(123, 33, 33), 2, 10, 10, 500, 500);

When i run this code my screen becomes blank.

If i uncomment the last line where i draw a line, the line will show on the screen without any issues (see IMG_6778.jpg).

I also looked online for an answer and i tried the suggestion in this post as well with no result:

What am i doing wrong here? Is there something else i need to set in order to show the Debug.Print on the screen?


@ asuciu - You are assuming that the Debug.Print() writes to the video screen. This is incorrect. Debug.Print() writes to the debug Output window of Visual Studio. Look for something like the DrawText method of SimpleGraphics.

The this.videoOut.DebugPrintEnabled is used to enable debug output, to the Output window, during driver development.

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@ Mike - Thank you! That did do the trick. 8)