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Won’t it be nice to have high quality video (i.e. 640x480 @ 30fps) support? I’d like to know if these FEZ devices can cope with that kind of data transfer or if I’ll need to “upgrade” to the ChipworkX platform?


FEZ is bit short of memory for video.


lets do some math…
Each pixel is 6 bytes (16-bit) and you want 640x480…ok! So that is
640x480x2=614400 bytes! This is only for the back buffer and we haven’t allocated any memory for the video decoder…

One more thing…you want 30fps
so 614400x30=18432000…which means the device has to move 18+ million bytes every second…

In year 2010, there is no single chip on this planet that can do this. The only way is to use processor with external memory.
With all that said, we support video playback :wink: see this (link removed)