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Video decoder board


Hello, I’m building a small media system and I’d to know if anyone knows any board that does video decoding (mpeg 4 and/or alike) somewhat in the same way that the mp3 board works.



Chipworkx has an mpeg player example


I had in goal using something more low end and offloading the decoding to the decode board since I have a Panda II. But it’s interesting to know ChipworkX can handle it.

But as a separate module. Is there any available hardware or I’m stuck with processor that can decode?


Video needs large amount of ram and very fast processor. You will not find anything small that can do video


Wouldn’t it be awesome to run .Net MF and GHI extensions on a chip like this?

I can see a Fez Peacock coming :slight_smile:

There should be silicon solutions for this - like - but I assume this is a pretty specialist field and not the best thing for Panda-sized applications.


Oh yeah, 400MHz!!! That would be so nice :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t be great if can share everything with you. All I can say is stay tuned.


Gus is the mystery man :smiley:


I hope that new module will be ChipworkX pinout compatible that we can easy change it without redesign PCB :smiley: