Very very ol uAlfat SD Module

Hello World!

Last night I found an old uAlfat SD module in my garage that I purchase back in 2005.

I thought it would be good to see if it still worked but I no longer have any documentation and can’t find any on the web!

Does anyone still have information on this module?

It has a 10 pin out layout (knowing which pins did what would be a great start to getting it running)

The board is labelled;
GHI Electronics 2005
AC-02 08/-05
ALFAT/SD Ver 1.1

Thanks for any info on this board…


@ Arctic Fox
Welcome to the forum.

Is it this one? ?

That one is V1.2, not V1.1, but without a picture I can’t say if it is the same… :slight_smile:

Sorry… not the same one.

I’ve attached an image



Hmm, you will either have to wait for someone like Gus to help, or you will have to use the ALFAT spec and trace the pins.

Ok… thanks for having a look…


These are about 10 years old. No one would remember anything about them :frowning:

Pity… would have been handy for a quick ‘proof of concept’ project.

I’ll have to go for plan B and trace the pins… anyone got a magnifier glass? :slight_smile: