Very interesting night out

It’s funny the people you run into out in the wild.

The wife took me slightly kicking and screaming to a Board Game group on Friday night which normally I would have been happy to go to but I had spent the whole day trying to get Chinese Visa’s in London so was brain dead and tired.

Manned up and went along and had a fun time playing “Power Grid” with a couple of other game geeks. The chappie who brought the game (Colin) had a security name tag around his neck which didn’t say much apart from his picture, name and some location like Higgel House - Cambridge.

So me being me, I go…“Hey Colin - do you work at Hogworts”, which got a slight giggle and that’s about it as the game continued. Typically, I lost the game and as we packed it up I asked Colin - “So where do you work if it’s not casting spells at Hogworts”. Colin’s reply was not what I was expecting but exciting none the less (yes I do need to get out more…)

Colin - “Well most people have never heard of us so I doubt it will mean anything to you…”

Me - “Go on then…”

Colin - “ARM”

Me - “ooooooooooo…i think I know who you might work for” cough cough

I then spent 20mins having an absolutely fascinating conversation with Colin who is a Senior Principal Engineer at ARM doing core silicon design on a daily basis. It was a real treat talking with Colin about his work at ARM and some of the cool stuff he has done and is currently working on and I got a few tasty treats along the way.

So like I said, it’s funny the people you meet…


At which point, Justin started waxing lyrical about his favourite STM32 parts…


@ Brett - couldn’t help myself :smiley:


Hmm, Sorry for my ignorance. The Colin I know is retired ??

@ njbuch - different Colin…

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@ Justin - Just checking… :smiley:

Maybe I should’ve named one of my kids Colin :whistle:

Worked with a guy from ARM - he wrote the LPC2000 flash utility. Goofy guy has retired to do avionics stuff.

He was pretty cool, except he drove a Mini.

edit: my bad. He worked for Philips/NXP… not ARM. Nevermind, lol.

An ARM guy driving a mini sounds just about right, just as you would find an Intel guy driving some big ass hammer :smiley:
Edit: I mean Hummer or Humvee

@ Jay Jay - I assume you mean Hummer?

When I worked at Intel (in Folsom) in the late 90’s everyone seemed to drive either a Mazda Miata or a BMW Z3


I drove an '86 Supra at the time. Got it up to 137mph (220kph) once, in Nevada, coming back from Salt Lake. I know this because the cop who pulled me over told me.

It only took 4 hours and $800 to get out of the Battle Mountain, NV jail that night. The other guy in the cell (a kid) was in there for double homicide (shot his mom and sister because they “wouldnt let him do stuff”). We watched the Harrison Ford movie “witness” on the prison TV. Then my dad wired me the money and I was out of there.

The guy in the cell with me was Kyle Ray, from this article:


That was 16 years ago. I guess he only has 24 years left.

I guess that’s my interesting story… so I’m not completely off topic this time?

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@ mtylerjr - I have a similar story from about 10 years ago when I was driving across the Mojave dessert on my way to Ridgecrest, CA but no cops were involved. I did learn that an Avis rental car has a built-in regulator that will not let it go over 115 MPH. Nice thing about driving across the desert is that you can see everything around for about 50 miles ahead and behind of you. :smiley: