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Version Problem?



I’ve got a problem with my ChipworkX’s
"Start debugging"
Message: "The debugging target is not in an initialized state, rebooting"
The only possibility to get in debug-mode is to set a breakpoint

Is that a version-problem? I just installed the new firmware.
I have:
ChipworkX Development System V1.5
ChipworX V4.1.6.0

GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware v4.0.30319 (v4.1.6.0)
Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics v4.0.30319 (v4.1.2821.0)
Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware v4.0.30319 (v4.1.2821.0)
Microsoft.SPOT.Native v4.0.30319 (v4.1.2821.0)

Thank you for your answers


usually this means that your program is in a tight loop and not releasing the CPU with a Thread.Sleep()


It does not seem like a version number problem.
Actually I do not see the problem. Could you please explain a bit more?



thank you for your answers.
Because of your proposals, i made a new project, a simple Micro Framework “Window Application” and have still the same problem (not in an initialized state & no stop at Main())

I had a similar problem once and there it was a version problem, because of that my assumption…

What I do step by step:

  • Create a new “Window Application”
  • Start Debugging (F5)

Then the message in status line: "The debugging target is not in an initialized state, rebooting"
And the program do not stop at main but starts immediately


Hit F11 instead of F5 if you are expecting to step into main rather than just blow through it.


[quote]Create a new “Window Application”

Instead using a Window Application for your project type, use a ChipWorkX project.


Make sure that you choose USB : ChipworkX as a debugging port.