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Version Number Sync


Your documentation tutorial indicates that the hardware version and the SDK version should match.

My hardware version is and the SDK is

Is this OK, since I have the latest of both?


Where do you see this in documentation? The version of the firmware loaded on the board should match the version of the firmware in the SDK…(not the SDK version).

Look in release notes file to find out what is the version of the USBizi firmware.


On pages 28-31 of your tutorial document.
See the figures on those pages.


The Tutorial has been updated with more clear information about the version number. please check it out.


The SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVersion:
and my USBizi SDK version is

Is this OK???


You have the latest firmware loaded on your board but the SDK you have installed is not the latest. These numbers must be the same or you may run into problems.

Just install the latest SDK and you should be good to go.

We are updating the tutorial to make this more clear.


Your latest SDK indicates 1.0.1 from Mar 5.
I don’t see a version 1.1.0?


The number you are looking at is the GHI NETMF SDK version. It is not the USBizi firmware version number. USBizi firmware version number is in the release notes. it is marked in a red rectangle in the tutorial (5.1.Check Version Number section)

Please take another look at the updated tutorial. :wink: