Verbose debug output from assembly generation?

I’m stuck on trying to get my software to deploy again. It hits the generating device assemblies, then poops out and tries to debug whatever assemblies are currently deployed.

I started running into size limitations, so I fragmented a few large assemblies into smaller more logical ones. It builds just fine, but fails to deploy. I know I’m under the limit (~44 assemblies at last count, less than the maximum of 64) and have the space through the extended deployment, so that’s not it either.

I think I’ve brought this up before, but we really need more information from the assembly generation process. Is there a log.txt or something that can show us what it’s getting hung up on? old posts from old versions of TinyCLR seem to have way more information, this just stops with no indication of which assembly it failed on or why. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled all of the nuget packages and painstakingly went through the references to see if something isn’t included right and no dice. that usually worked when this happened in the past, but I’m stuck and not sure where to go from here.

I have had similar problems if I start the debugging by just pressing F5. I have several executable projects in my solution, but it does not always work if I select the correct project from the drop-down box and hit F5. Instead I have to right-click the correct executable project and select Debug->Start New Instance.

Another problem I have had is that the FEZ board will not reset correctly when deploying. Usually it works if I press the LDR or Reset button during deployment. I think there is an Issue filed for this at their GitHub repo.

We have had this many times and we always had a reference with a little warning triangle in one of our projects.

Fixing the reference fixed this problem.

Same, but no luck. I’ve checked it many times, manually reinstalled every nuget and removed and readded each reference on all 22 projects, rolled back my repo to the last working version, even went so far as to reinstall visual studio and nothing works.

Currently rebuilding the entire solution (regenerating the project files and adding the code files to them) to see if there was a config setting or something that borked it. My only theory left is that PackageReference is pulling the windows version of mscorlib and the only way to revert the projects to use a packages.config is to recreate them.

If your project is managed by git or any tool like git, you can clone into a different folder and try again. Look at history to see what changed.

Likely some references modified cause this issue. We don’t have much information about your project so can’t go further.

Tried that, no dice. there were no changes to the project files or references.

If you can make project simple or share the project with us, we can check to see.

I was able to identify the issue - one of the assemblies I fragmented contained the resource file for my UI assets. When i rebuilt it, a 32 bit bitmap that wasn’t in there originally ended up being included and was erroring out at the assembly generation step. Check the bit depth of your assets, folks.

I still stand by that that could have been a single error message telling me that an incompatible resource was included in the .resx file. It took me two days to find the issue - which turned into maybe ten minutes once I was able to determine which assembly failed in the generation stage. Knowing even which assembly was failing and basic information about what failed would have been extremely helpful.