Hi Folks,

tried a VB Project, but …

He throw lot of errors, cause he don’t understand the standard character to start a comment???
After using the ancient style ‘REM’ this was fixed, but still more errors there.

Is this a silly bug, or is VB not really working?

I not only select netMF cause I should be able to use the existing VB code of my project (former runs under XP) and can start doing business as usual.

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Post your code please…

VB examples – follow the link “Visual Basic and Gadgeteer E-book” on the .NET Gadgeteer support page: https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/gadgeteer

@ Gerhard - What is the standard character you are using? The single quote?

yes, single quote

Not to ask a stupid question, but was that the single quote ’ or the ` . They look similar, but the second is not actually the single quote used as a comment in VB.

NETMF uses the standard VS compiler. There is no special compiler for NETMF so I do not see how this could happen!

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Hi Folks,

sorry about the delay, was busy with other project.
I send the code,
It is the ‘Serial Communication Demo’ from the documentation, converted to VB with a code converter, just to have a nice starting point.

I replaced the single quotes with ‘REM’ just to see, if there were more issues. Unfortunately, there is a generated file also having comments, and so I stopped because this would be a never ending story.

So, the question about using just the wrong character is also answered, I hope that the code generator uses the correct one … hihi.

I also think, that the compiler used is the standard VB, and as I converted some notNETMF projects with this converter without problems over the years, I was totally astonished about that issue. It is really funny.

With best regards

Seems that the trick filename.zip.png doesnt work.

Ok, will send the Project, please tell me how.

PS: Hard to send a zip file, so how can I send a Project?

… here an Image of the generated resource file and his Errors.

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FIXED, here the answer from Tangible Software which creates this fine tool:

Hi Gerhard:

The project file issue has been fixed in the latest build which you can now download.
Thanks for reporting this issue.

Tangible Software Solutions

With best regards


@ Gerhard - That is great, but you have not told us what the issue was. Was it the wrong character that they emited, or was it something else?

… sorry.

The project file wasn’t converted correct. This mislead the compiler and as a result we see very strange behavior.

Now this is solved and I will get the new version of the code converter this days and finally check out.

With best regads