Vacuum Pickup tool recommendations

Does anyone here use a vacuum pickup tool to place SMD components that they can recommend. Placing 402/603 resistors and capacitors with tweezers is fairly easy, but placing MCUs like the G80 and WiFi modules is sometimes a little more difficult to use tweezers with. I am considering the Hakko 394-01 [url][/url], but I haven’t seen any reviews on YouTube.

I use a vacuum pickup tool for G120 and alike. Not exactly this one but here’s the idea.

@ RobvanSchelven - Too pricey for me!

@ munderhill - if you don’t plan to use it much, you can make one for about <$15. Not something I would recommend if you’re going to use it a lot, though.


Add the cost of a small compressor to this too. :slight_smile:

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Man, I’ve been using tiny squares of double side tape and a screwdriver/pencil, lol.

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