USPS vs Fedex

My panda arrived today…

It was posted by USPS and was delivered by royal mail here in blighty!!

I WISH I’D SENT IT BY FEDEX… it would have cost the same, and would have been here earlier… Royal mail charged £8.00 handling charge AND NEVER DELIVERED IT… I had to go to the sorting office to collect it…

Any one using this service BEWARE… if you use Fedex you will be better off…

Cheers Ian

By the way I LOVE IT. I didn’t realise how small it is… Cheers guy’s

Hey Ian

USPS is the US postal service, they do not handle end to end, the package has to be delivered by the local postal service at the destination country.

May be you got charged for customs handling.

If customs are involved most carriers will charge for that.

No, the customs handling charge was £0.00. It was royal mail that charged the handling fee… I wouldn’t mind so much but to send that same parcel (less than 1kg) across England it would have been less than a fiver… Its just because they can!!


Check this
and this :wink:

I ship stuff by USPS all over the world. Generally it is the most preferred service by my customers for small international packages as it is a good value and the majority of the time results in less handling/VAT/etc charges.

Keep in mind that every country sets their own import policies and enforces them at random it seems. Sometimes they will stick it to you and sometimes not. Don’t like it? Vote your bum politicians out of office :o (if you have that freedom.)