USPS First-Class Mail International Package


anyone here ordered stuff and got it shipped to Belgium with USPS First-Class Mail International Package? How long did it take?


USPS is not tracked outside the United States and international packages usually take three to four weeks to arrive.

We highly recommend using FedEx to ensure you can track your package’s progress.[/quote]

60+ USD shipment for a 50 USD gift certificate defeats the gift imo.

PS. Not blaming GHI, after all they don’t make up the shipping costs.

I’m in England… It took 3 weeks I had £27 tax and handling to pay.

Cheers Ian

I ordered my first Panda with that kind of shiping. It takes time. I got board in 3 weeks, but it’s because customs. The stamp said it took about a 10 days to get Panda from US to Lithuania.

I got the pre-order Panda with that shipping to Bulgaria, it came for about 10 days after it was shipped and didn’t pay a dime in customs :slight_smile:

[quote]60+ USD shipment for a 50 USD gift certificate defeats the gift imo.

PS. Not blaming GHI, after all they don’t make up the shipping costs.[/quote]

I (and I believe Gus too) warned you guys before that shipping with usps (and sometimes with fedex too) can get you high tax costs.

It took around 1,5 weeks for me to get it. USPS netherlands.

In South Africa I have to pay customs either way. The difference is that with courier I have to pay $25 clearance fee(to fedex for doing customs forms) plus customs fees.

With USPS I have to pay $3 to the post office for clearance fees, plus the same amount for customs fees…

Thus, FEDEX is expensive and their clearance is expensive… :frowning:

In Europe you can look at Watterott (Germany). They have the Panda and other Arduino/Netduino shields.
The shipping would at least be less (DHL) and there’s no VAT.

First Class Parcel time is highly variable. I’ve sent packages from the US to Canada that took about three weeks, but them I have shipped parcels to Australia that took only one week. The feedback I have received from my customers is that customs fees and hassles are a lost less with shipping via post, but that all depends on your country.

The problem is when the package leaves USA, it is handled by different shipping services and so it varies a lot by country…

I always try to ship from the US to Canada through USPS because of the customs fees that UPS/FedEx add up. I’ve seen customs fees higher than the actual cost of the packages…

I’m an hour away from the US border, when I want somethings very expensive and they offer free shipping to the lower 48 states, I sent it to NY state and do the 2 hour round trip.