Using VS2012

I’ve been using VS2010 but would like to move to 2012 soon.

I noticed this section in the SDK change log:
“Debugging on VS2012 is slower than on VS2010 when not using the WinUSB drivers”

So, what are the WinUSB drivers, and what drivers are used if not them?

Anyone having success with VS2012 + Gadgeteer? Awesome experience, or should I stick with VS2010?

Yep, works great. I got myself up and running with VS2012, finally.

Note to others:
If opening/using existing projects, please note that your old project files are junk, wont work. Modules and device versions in the project file wont update automatically. Either create a New project and move your code over, OR, what I did is updated the versions for modules and cleaned up the project file including removing reference to VS2010 version info.

Also note, it was a bit confusing that you install NetMF and SDK v4.3, but really, your project will continue to use v4.2. Even if you create a new project, this seems to be the case.