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Using the forum with a tablet pc : sub menus are unusable



When I click on a menuitem such as Forum>, it goes directly thru the forum root. If I maintain my finger on, it is interpreted as a right click…

Would be Great not to Have an hyperlink on main items, and instead Have the first subitem as the root Link



mouse overs and resultant pop-outs suck on tablets. If you have your own website, actively remove them :slight_smile:


Same on the wp8.


On my android i have a work around… just keep my finger down on the top menu, when the popup comes to make a bookmark, click back and the open menu is still there to make a choice.


Not the same behavior on W8…even on WP8…


@ GHI,

Any plan to change the way the menu/submenus are managed, to make it more “user friendly” for windows tablet and mobile users ?

Thanks !


Also horrible on IE (yeah, yeah I know but I have to use it when on the client VPN)


Waouh !

Menus have been changed to enable isolated frames instead of submenus !

Thanks to GHI !