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Using the Flash/Ram Memory on the Fez Panda 2



Does the Fez Panda 2 have non volatile memory such as Ram/Flash memory for the user to access?

if so how does one access this memory to store and load data.



Yes, both !

It has 4Kb of Flash. For more information see the SDK “InternalFlashStorage class” :

It also has 2Kb of Battery saved RAM (you need a supercad or a little externa battery, such as the one included in the Fez connect shield to keep it powered, takes a few uA, and also powers th RTC clock). See the BatteryRAM Class

Have fun :wink: !


Does the FEZ draw power from the battery while powered via other means, for example, when connected to power via the VIN pin, or through USB?

Also, is there a definite figure for power draw? If I connected, for example, a CR2032 battery (3V, 225 mAh), how long could I reasonably expect it to last? Is there any way I could detect a low-battery condition?


This infomation should be available in the manual/specifications for the NXP (LPC2388 or LPC2387) chips.


Datasheet says:

IBATact - active mode battery supply current - 20 - μA
IBAT - battery supply current - Deep power-down mode - 20 - μA

I supposed this means that VBAT draws 20μA of current, regardless of powered-up-ness. VBAT however is tied to VCC through a Schottky diode, so VCC is charging the supercap while powered.

What does this mean for a simple battery? Will putting a simple CR2032 across VBAT and GND kill the battery since it’s connected to VCC while VCC is powered?