Using SP power module for serial communication with PC

Hi All.
Some times ago I read something about using the SP power module for serial communication with the PC, but I can’t find the article anymore.
I searched everywhere… but nothing
Maybe I’m blind :slight_smile:
I have a FEZ spider, and I 'm very interested in this possibility, because my device is currently using both the SP power module AND the serial-USB module, and my customer told me that 2 USB cables are too much for a such simple device.
He wants that I use ONLY ONE cable to power and communicate with the device.
Anyone can suggest me a way to accomplish this ?

@ NinjaCross - If I recall right, the red module supplies only power. You need the USB host module that plugs to H socket.

Thanks for the reply.
Why should I need for the USB host module ?
I don’t need to connect devices TO the FEZ mainboard.
I just need to exchange text messages TO/FROM a PC, so a USB serial module connected to the U port is enough.
Sometimes ago I read I could use the DP/SP module to power and “talk” to the EMX using a single USB cable, that emulates a serial port.
Isn’t it true anymore ?

You are looking for CDC support. It is in the premium library.