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Using Sharp IR range sensor on FEZ Mini Robot


I was trying to connect the Sharp IR sensor to the robot kit. I have Sharp 2Y0A21 model.

When I connected it to the robot on pin A1 the distance value returned was always the same (around 23). I tried with other pins and it was always constant. But when I connected it directly on a breadboard it worked just fine. I tried with second sensor (same type) but it didn’t work either. What’s more I noticed that the sensor got really hot after leaving it plugged for a moment.

Is there anything that I might be doing wrong here?


Did you get the sensor from this website? The sensor have different pin-out that FEZ connectors and so the sensors we provide come with cable already placed on the sensor to correct the wiring.


Ahh, I see it now…

I had the sensor before and used the cables that came with the kit. Now I checked on the product page and indeed there is a different cable for this sensor. I have switched the wieres on my cable and now it works fine.

Thanks for quick replay!