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Using SDK 4.3 - C# VS Express for Desktop 2012


General question about References …



C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer\Core\Assemblies.NET Micro Framework 4.2\Gadgeteer.dll (Note 4.2)

All other references show as Version 4.3

Is version 4.2 correct for the Reference ‘Gadgeteer’

If not where do I find Gadgeteer Version 4.3

I guess a simple question… :wall:


@ willgeorge - I am using VS2012 Express as well.

Here is the reference for the gadgeteer.dll in one of my projects.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer\Core\Assemblies.NET Micro Framework 4.3\Gadgeteer.dll


@ Bill_Wyo -

Thanks for the reply…

I have to go get my granddaughter so I’ll have to try tomorrow.

Have a GREAT day!


@ andre.m -

Is this the correct one? See attached image.

VS included the reference I thought in error.

I will try your suggestion. I saw that reference before but I could not resolve (in my mind)the version I was looking for something like version 4.3.

Thank You…