Using NuGet

Does any one have good/bad experiance with NuGet.
Currently I’m using a self made VS Plugin to manage my dependencies.

My Plugin supports:

  • Add/remove dependencies.
  • Reference only a subset of dll per package
  • Specify version to use
  • Limit versions to use
  • Recursivly add packages
  • Check for version conflicts
  • Automatically update all versions (and other data) in AssemblyInfo.cs of each project in solution
  • Quickly switch between versions to use
  • Use a locally build ‘Package’ instead from server
  • Create Pre-Release Package
  • Create Release Package
  • Create a ‘Customer Version’ which contains all required dependencies to run.
  • Work offline by copying all packages to a local folder and switch to it when server is not available
    All directly from within Visual Studio

So I have 2 questions:
Can NuGet do this as well?
Would you recommend using NuGet in general?

Looks like your plug-in is very rich in functionality. Why do you want to switch to nuget?

I just wanted to see if I can safe the time on maintaining it. So far I could not even find some time to document it for my Colleges. Also not everything is working as I would like to have it. After a short look on NuGet it’s looking quite promising, and if it had already existed when I started my Pluging, I wouldn’t have started it.

Yep, switch to NuGet then. It is probably missing some of the features from your list, but I am sure it will evolve in time.