Using GXP Gadgeteer Bridge to connect Relay X1 Module


I have FEZ cobra III and I am currently running COM2/UART that use external WiFi to communicate
with my Android. This connection takes pin X3/36 -P0.6/COM2.RTS.

Now I want to control Relay X1 2.0 Module. So I presume that I need:

  • GXP Gadgeteer Bridge that is connected to FEZ Cobra III X3(40 pins) terminal.
  • A flat cable from GXP G.B. (S or U ??) to Relay X1 Relay Module, right?
  • Relay module use pin 5 to control on/off relay, but corresponding signal at FEZ Cobra
    seems to be that It is reserved to other use…?
  • Also I loose P0.6 signal that is needed at UART. It is not good idea to hook COM2.RTS to X3, since COM2 is the only UART that has all RX,TX, CTS, RTS signals.

Or is it so that Relay X1 2.0 is NOT compatible with gadgeteering?

You need one pin to control a relay… You can connect the gadgeteer relay to a breakout module then just run the wire. Or just use this

Hi Gus,

than you answering.

I can see that the ebay relay is 5V like the Relay X1 2.0 Module at GHI offering.

But Fez Cobra III and other can provide control signal 3.3 V output level.
This can pick-up the relay?

Otherwise the operational 5V and ground are available from FEZ Cobra III.


Please see the description on eBay. There are 5v and ground pins to go the 5v and ground on your FEZ but then there is a signal pin that goes to any gpio on your FEZ.