Using FEZ Touch with the extender cable

I’m trying to use FEZ Touch with the 40-pin extender cable. The LCD works great, but the touch input does not. I’ve tried two scenarios:

  1. FEZ Touch plugged into port JP3 of the FEZ Tinkerer via the extender cable.

  2. FEZ Touch plugged into the 40-pin port of the Panda II via the extender cable.

Assuming the cable is ok, does anybody have an idea why the touch input would stop working when using the cable?

Maybe the length of the cables is affecting it?! Strange!

Thanks Gus. For my application I need a shorter cable anyway, so I’ll buy some parts and try it. I’ll post back the results in a couple of weeks.

Gus, just wanted to let you know I finally got this working. Before I was running the Panda II and Touch display from the USB power. It worked fine as long as the Touch display was plugged directly into the Panda II, but when I attached it with a cable the touch interface stopped working. I thought the problem was with the Touch ribbon cable, but I recently tried it with a 6.5 volt external supply and it worked :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.