Using emulator while developing Gadgeteer application

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to NETMF ang Gadgeteer subsystem and also I’m kind of slightly confused of all that libraries ierarchy. I mean there is NETMF libraries, Gadgeteer core, GHI-specific and so on. It is not very clear for a beginner how these libs must interact with emulator.

So when I start a new Gadgeteer application (4.2 runtime in VS2012) I choose a FEZ Raptor mainboard. Then in designer view I add LCD43 module and connect it properly to a mainboard.

And when I run the application in debug mode (deploying to MS emulator) the exception occurs: An unhandled exception of type ‘System.NotSupportedException’ occurred in GHI.Premium.Hardware.dll

this exception occurs within the GHIElectronics.Gadgeteer.FEZRaptor.SetLCDConfiguration() method, on line:
if (Configuration.LCD.Set(config))

But in case I remove LCD43 module then application launches successfully on emulator.

Is this some issue with my code/environment or I cannot run such application on emulator at all?

I am sorry things are not very clear. We understand it is confusing and we are working on changing that with the 4.3 release. We should have it all cleared up in few weeks.

As for the emulator, it is the “Microsoft” emulator and so it will not emulate any of the GHI labs. Also, there is no emulator suited for Gadgeteer.

The emulator is only useful in some rare cases, like networking.

Thanks for your clarifications, Gus.

Now it is clear that MS emulator is designed for some small pure NETMF apps.

Will be waiting for my ordered GHI hardware to debug on the real environment :slight_smile: