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Using Debugger w g400 and vs express 2012


Is there a walk through or step by step instructions for using debugger?
I have a win 8.1 machine running vs exp, with SDK installed.

How does one set it up? How does one implement it in code?
I get Debug.print, is ther anything else. Can you set code to step by step run on device while you watch variables? like stepping through code on VBA?


This links helps but I think newbies like me need a real basic walk though. I called a friend who is a master programmer and he walked me through. I simply couldn’t make head nor tails of the instructions listed.


Function Key summary of what I use.

F9 toggles a breakpoint. Move to the line of code you want the app to stop at, hit F9. Then, when executing code, once your app hits that code it’ll break.

F5 starts debugging session. When you’re ready to deploy and run your app, hit F5. If you’re at a breakpoint, it’ll continue execution.

F10/F11 are step in and step over. Step in will move debugging into a method (where possible) and step over will execute the method call behind the scenes and step to the next statement.


Actually, a nice tutorial on the GHI website would be ideal for beginners as this subject of how to debug comes up regular and a lot of people who get into NETMF don’t actually know that they can do breakpoints (or even what it means) and single step code etc.

Breakpoints and single stepping is the only way to find faults in a lot of cases and knowing how to do this would save a lot of people posting the same questions each time.



Maybe something like this… :wink:

Please pretend that you don’t see the MAKE logo. I need to blur that off but my video editing software hasn’t been cooperating. This is one of many videos that I produced and never released. Since I canceled that project, I’m slowly trying to get these uploaded to YouTube for everyone’s pleasure. I apologize for any inaccuracies. These have never been run by an editor and I have no intention of ever editing them. So, if you find any inaccuracies please kindly mention them in the video comments.


@ ianlee74 - These are very good, easy to follow and include plenty of useful detail. Having all of these on youtube with a link from GHI (and and would be a big help to anyone just starting out.


@ Jason - Thanks. I’ll be making more public over the next month or so as I have time to clean the logos off them. These were produced as part of a training program that never really took off. Fortunately (unfortunately?), I saw this coming and pulled out after only producing less than half of my 40 planned videos.


The video was a great help. I could hear the words and see what he was doing. Learned a great deal from a very short video. Thanks so much.


I find that videos are great for beginners, but later on as you progress they’re a real pain to find something that you remember was mentioned in a video, written tutorials are much better. Does anyone feel the same?