Using bluetooth serial port slave adapter for debugging

I have a cheap bluetooth serial port slave adapter connected to COM4 on a Panda II and a bluetooth USB dongle on a laptop. I wrote a program to write a string to COM4 and displayed it on the laptop (putty via dongle’s virtual port COM7). Very simple and works fine.

Next, I connected adapter to COM1 on Panda and tried to deploy a program (using COM7) in Visual Studio. The adapter’s LED showed it had paired with the dongle but eventually VS timed out with
Unable to communicate with device - serial:COM7. MF Deploy was also unable to ping tinyclr.

Debugging works fine through laptop’s com port or USB-serial adapter cable. Is there something special
about debugging/deploy such that it cannot work through a bluetooth serial port link?

I remember there was a registry entry to change the timeout value on VS so it wouldn’t timeout early but I do not remember the details. Do dome searching, you may find it.

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