Using an XBOX controller with FEZ

XBOX controllers have so many digital and analog inputs that will make it perfect for so many projects. This project shows how this can be done.

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Would not using an XBox (or USB Joystick too) Controller plugged into a Mini-Fez require a USB Host function? There’s no USB Host port on the Fez-Mini or the Mini Starter Kit, as there is on, say the EMX Developement System that appears in the referenced article.

The only way to control a robot e/w a Mini-Fez controller (that has a XBee) with an XBox or joystick controller is plug it into a PC that is running an application that send commands over a XBee link on the PC to the MiniFez.

FEZ Domino, EMX, ChipworkX all have USB host + USB Client. The only device we offer that doesn’t have USB host is FEZ Mini, but it still have USB Client.

Please see FAQ on the difference between Mini and Domino FAQ – GHI Electronics

i think RedDog’s point was that the XBOX project is tagged with Fez Mini on the project site, so if you look at the projects under Hardware -> Fez Mini, this one appears, but obviously it can’t be used with Fez Mini because it doesn’t have USB host. Remove the Mini tag on the project and the confusion goes away.

Thanks Brett, we will fix that