Using an IDE and JTAG debugging to develop RLP code

[quote]EMX schematics are not available

You are correct. I mixed it up with the EMX dev board :-[


@ Synapsys: I was referring to this line:

RLP is great as it is, GHI just unveiled this secret for free to all of us. I don’t think GHI wants a forum full of RLP stuff, there main target is creating and maintaining NETMF based products, but I can be wrong.

To me, RLP should only be used when there is no other solution to it (or when the other solution is just a too big work-around). And try to reduce the RLP solution as small as possible. (F.e. my RLP RS485 protocol driver depends on the managed code to set up it’s serial port, I could have setup all UART registers from native code, but that would have cost me +/- 3 additional flashwrite cycles to get everything right).

Maybe a seperate forum should exist for RLP so new users still can see the forest for the trees.

You are absolutely correct. GHI offers NETMF devices, best value at most exclusive features on the market. GHI doesn’t provide modules that are intended to be used with JTAG. There are hundreds or thousands of companies that do that already :slight_smile: like and embeddedTS | Industrial Embedded Computing Solutions

You shouldn’t use RLP (or JTAG) with GHI products unless there is a real need to do so (speed, real-time…)

Learn more about GHI here

concerning JTAG use on EMX board I have just another question: why on this same forum thread did you suggest two ways to connect a JTAG debugger forgetting to tell us that it wouldn’t ever been working?

After all, we just spent €356 to purchase EMX dev board just to be able to do RLP debugging through JTAG (and we’ve got another couple of FEZ-Cobra OEM Kit we use to develop on)!

Isn’t there any way, even through a NDA agreeement, to enable JTAG at least on EMX dev board?


You can enable JTAG but what I am saying is that it will not be as easy as just using aboard that is made specifically for JTAG…not a good option. It is what comes after JTAG is working is what will cause the extra work, getting SDRAM/FLASH initialized…etc.

If you still really see it the way to go then contact GHI directly and we will try our best to help.

Ok, Gus.

So, just to be sure I understood everything well:

  1. Can’t I open ELF file compiled for RLP use inside CrossWorks just for debugging purposes via JTAG and set it wait for a breakpoint to be hit? At this time I get “target does not respond” whenever I try to connect to EMX dev board JTAG with my Segger J-Link.
  2. Is JTAG disabled either by TinyBooter or TinyCLR? Do I need a custom firmware update to enable JTAG or what?
  3. How (and who) should I contact GHI to have JTAG enabled for RLP debugging?

Thanks a lot!

Check your email. Look like I didn’t know all the details around JTAG! Sorry for providing false info

Hi Gus,

We haven’t received any mail yet.

Is it just a matter of time or a spam filter problem?


You got a reply from Mike and I replied a second time too.

Hmmm…no mail in my gmail inbox (maiorfi at gmail dot com)

Could you please send those messages to maiorfi at innovactive dot it ?

We apologize for the inconvenience…

We got an email from Synapsys and replied so we didn’t send you the email… JTAG is not currently possible on EMX because of internal protection mechanism.

Thanks Mike for making this public. Since you sent me this info in an email I didn’t know if it was appropriate to repeat it on the forum.