Using a G30 on a custom board


I have done several successful projects on netmf/GHI hardware and I am really impressed
with the environment.
My previous projects have all involved using a development board and packaging in a box of some sort.
for those applications that was fine.

However my next project is more ambitious as I need to package the cpu and hardware into a very small footprint
and the power requirements are extremely tight.

What I am planning to do was use a G30 cpu on a custom board I will design, along with the few peripherals
I will need. I currently own the G30 development board but at some point I will need a version of the netmf
for my setup.

Without the original source for the G30 netmf port, how can I accomplish this?

I would like to strip away the non essential parts of netmf like all the networking etc.

thanks for any advice!


I think you’ll need to make a phone call to GHI to discuss your options. There’s no way to do this with what’s publicly available.

@ Dale Lyons - Why strip away the functionality you don’t need? Customizing a firmware build and maintaining it is expensive/time consuming.

@ Dale Lyons - there is no networking on G30 to strip and making any changes to the firmware by you will be very risky and very expensive.

However, we are open to taking directly about your needs so give us a call like others suggested please.