Using a BME680 sensor?

I’m relatively new to TinyCLR and am trying to put together a simple “Hello World” type of program that reads data from a common sensor like a BME680. I see there is no TinyCLR-specific driver for this sensor, but there are some other options in NuGet (like this). Will these drivers “just work” with TinyCLR or is there something I’m missing? Sorry for the noob question!

Welcome Rob.

It is easier to find an old NETMF driver and port it. Maybe even C code like this GitHub - BoschSensortec/BME680_driver: BME680 sensor driver / API including example guide. To report issues, go to Nanoframework will work as well. nanoFramework.IoT.Device/devices/Bmxx80 at develop · nanoframework/nanoFramework.IoT.Device · GitHub

Looks like this sensor uses I2C (or SPI). Here is how to use I2C when you port other code I2C

Let us know how it goes and good luck!