Using 4.3" TFT display with EMX

I’m planning to drive an “old” LQ043T1DG01 4.3" TFT display (provided with a Embedded Master dev kit) on an EMX module. The doc is not very talkative, I understand that I only have to sold a 40 pin connector 0.5 mm pitch on the EMX module and it works (i.e. detect automatically the LCD type and size)! Am I correct ?

The 40 pin connector have all signals but it doesn’t have the back-light circuit. You can use the display board we have the put your display on it if you like

I tried to sold the 40 pin connector plus a display board taken from an Embedded Master dev kit and unplugged the existing 3.5" display (50 pins). But the 4.3" screen keeps white. Is it as simple as that ?

The display has 3 cables, signal + touch + back-light. How did you connect the backlight? I explained this in last response.

I use the daughter board of the Embedded master dev kit which generate by itself the backlight signal. I do not care of touch so except for the touch I connected the board (Embeddded Master TFTEXP Rev1.2) with the x3 connector and a ribbon cable to the 40 pins connector solder on the EMX.
Is that more clear ?

I see. Then the display should simply work.