Using 3-block modules

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to see if I could get some advice on the best way to use bot analog and digital 3 block modules on the spider. I have an extender that breaks the pins out – looking for some insight on the pins to wire up for my ‘legacy’ 3-block modules. Thanks in advance!


When you say 3block, are referring to JST style connectors?

See picture below.

You mean E-Block, right?

@ ryanb - If it’s the older GHI eblock modules you’re looking to work with, I have some example code here for working with the eblock piezos…might get you started at least:

Dfrobot has an eBlock module

Sorry – I did miss-type. I did mean eBlock/JST style modules. I no longer see the e-block expansion module for sale in the on-line catalog and I saw them on but they’re out of stock. I was beginning to think they were discontinued.

Is there another way to ‘wire’ these modules to the gadgeteer using the extender module as it looks to break the pins out to solder pads? Thanks in advance!

I may have answered my own question – I just came across this link:

It looks like (for an Analog sensor), Pin 1 of an A-Type port on the spider gives me 3.3volts, pins 3, 4 or 5 are the input pins, and pin 10 is ground.

What is the difference between pins 3/4/5?
AIN (G!) = Pin 3
AIN (G) = Pin 4
AIN = Pin 5


@ ryanb

I would say yes. Of the three wires, you would solder Ground to ground, Power to the correct voltage pin required and then the data pin to the correct data pin.

What is meant by the correct data pin would be if the module is Analog Input then you would need to solder to one of Gadgeteer’s AnalogIn pins based on this chart:

Thanks Aron – that confirms my thinking – appreciate it!