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I’ve noticed several TinyCLRers with their own blogs and sites; I’d love to add these to my regular browsing so I thought we should all share our sites here.

Obviously mine is:

What about a wiki page?

@ Skewworks Your RSS feed seems to be having some problems…

@ Ian, what browser/client? Firefox shows no issues.

EDIT: Working on the IE9 issue.


The following tags were not closed: rss.
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If I go ahead and put it in Google Reader, it seems to handle it OK. So, no big deal…

Should work now; sorry about that.

Confirmed. Looks good.

Mine’s mostly about home 3d printing stuff but can be found at .

Hopefully there will be more NETMF stuff soon as my (Spider-based) headless-printer comes together and I get traction on the projects stacking up behind that one… - a fairly new site, so only a couple of projects there now.

I am little ashamed by own website, after looking at all yours ! - in facts it is not a website, just a repository of some of my (non professionnal…) opensource code which might eventualy be of interrest for someone else. I tend to suppress old projects when they become obsoletes and add new ones with a 3 months delay. More than half of it is in french :wink:

My website is: [url][/url] which is my ‘side’ business. The first quarter of next year we’ll roll out an improved site. :slight_smile:

@ Robert; nice logo! :smiley:

@ skewworks I found another issue with your RSS. Looks like it’s missing an author identifier. Note the “(title unknown)” in the pic. This should show up with your site name.

@ Robert Nice site! Your RSS feed isn’t working… :frowning:

Well not really wrong; author isn’t a required tag in RSS. Perhaps I’ll update it to have the name of the poster.

Not wrong but it sure makes it nice to be able to see where the article came from when scanning through articles :slight_smile:

Updated with author and a few other extra fields.