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Hello! Today we added profiles to the website to help us and more importantly the community to get to each other. Hopefully this will inspire more collaboration and possibly new friendships. It will also help everyone answer your question better by knowing your hardware and software experience. We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions about what we have so far.

To begin, simply select “Modify Profile” under the “My Account” link in the navigation bar.

Profiles can be viewed by clicking on a user’s forum name.


My profile:

Gus’ profile:


Cool, the links you goave don’t work though.


Sorry about that, it was restricted, you may view them now :slight_smile:


Looks great!


Josh! It won’t save my profile (keeps deleting everything)

Cheers Ian

Fixed… It wouldn’t let me add two professorial comments.


“Fixed… It wouldn’t let me add two professorial comments.”

They probably only wanted unprofessonal comments.

+1 good.


William! according to your profile, your’e ancient… What was Jesus like? :smiley:

Cheers Ian


I knew big-J when he was Enoch. :slight_smile:


Nice work guys. It’s a pleasure to learn more about you.

I’m not sure I understand your problem IanR… confused


Josh - twice now I’ve tried to update (write a book) in my profile and it has timed out… used to be I had issues because I didn’t log out. Now I can’t stay logged in! Is there a size limit on the two big text fields? I don’t get any error, it just doesn’t save and I get redirected to the login screen. Nice to have this new page, though!


But I noticed that the exp shown in the profile and that shown in the forum are not the same?


@ EricH
Seems to be an issue with sessions. I will try to resolve it asap.

@ Sam
The value shown on the message was wrong. Now both are right.


Great !

A few important questions, though… ;D

  1. How can we contact directly someone ?
  2. Where are the girls - I noticed the female choice, ? Not that I am looking for one to make a lot of little boards, but I feel that the forums are missing some female touch :smiley:


@ Nicolas3 I lived and worked in Ottawa before moving to VA. What company are you working for in Ottawa?


@ Nicolas3 -

Reeeeeally? You are definately in the wrong forum… also, some folks (like me) are using a barcode as their avatar. This has embedded contact info, if you can figure out how to scan it. Check out for hints. I have not tested if you can scan the barcode directly from a monitor. I’ve had good luck with scanning these on printed material using the camera on my phone, though.

@ Josh - I was able to update the profile, maybe because you tweaked something, or maybe because i was paranoid and kept hitting the update button after every sentence ::slight_smile:


User names on “fezzer” should probably be linked the same way to profiles view.


@ Josh Visit my profile and you will know what to fix :wink:

[Edit: Ok, XSS bug fixed]


@ EricH, thank you for the trick information ! However, it stays an (interresting !) trick, but sometimes it would just be neat to be able to repport a bug or propose a change on, or maybe “to make new friends” outside of tinyclr by contacting comeone directly, without to give your email account away to spammers on a page :wink:
The female touch was a joke of course, it was just a thought that we mostly work inside a technical environnement missing sometimes a different approach of technology. I am a big fan of Limor Fried (Ladyada) ideas and work :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Architect, I added an email address into my profile !


Josh! Don’t worry about it. I tried to write “Electronic Design Engineer, Managing Director.” in the Profession text box, and it wouldn’t let me.

Cheers Ian

Gralin! When I click on your profile it pops a message box up saying “Tinyclr forum says” and then “XXS”


@ IanR I suggested Josh to prevent this