User available flash

Is there any way to use 1.4 user available flash on Hydra to store some data?

Yes, Add your data as a binary resource just as you would a Font of Bitmap.

@ hagster -
No… for example I need to save results of a method (for example 3 numbers) on flash…
Consider a condition when device power down unexpectedly. I want to have my results after rebooting.
I don’t want to use SD card because of long time needed to write on.

the concept you’re referring to is EWR, Extended Weak Reference (I think it has a new name in 4.3 ??) Anyway, that’s what you need to look for, but I have a suspicion that this is one thing Hydra doesn’t have

maybe a faulty memory ? (my memory that is)

So I looked…

Doesn’t list EWR as unsupported on Hydra, so you should be good to go !

wrong end of the stick. sorry.

@ hagster -

Be carefull! EWR is not really reliable neither. Sometime you lose data without reason…

It seems that only storing few data is ok but when data becomes big the probability to lose something is important. I used to have 10 board in the field using EWR, after only three months none of them was able the retrieve data…