Useful tool for STM32 native development

ST MicroXplorer, very useful !

Most of you probably knows it … in any case


Not nearly as cool as TI’s Grace tool for MSP430s, but still cool.

@ jay - Will be interesting to see what’s come out from new TIVA line Cortex-M4 … May be ST need some more gas …

Tiva C? 80 MHz, 32K RAM, 256K flash. Seems underwhelming?

ST definitely has something coming in the STM32F429/439: 180 MHz, up to 2 MB flash, LCD controller, SDRAM interface.

problem with them is how far away they are… :frowning:

Speed and memory aren’t everything. The Tiva has an on-board LDO, up to 24 channels of ADCs, six 64-bit timers, 8 UARTs, 4 SPI interfaces, USB OTG/Host/Device support, 6 i2C masters… it’s got a lot more connectivity than the STM32F4.

And they start at $2.15/unit in 10k quantity (a fourth of what the STM32F4s are).

Obviously not suitable for .NETMF, but definitely cool nonetheless.

EDIT: Looks like they’re pretty pricey in single quantities. On par with the STM32F4 stuff. Meh.

My non-NETMF development has focused on the Cortex-M0 stuff…

@ godefroi - that is interesting, what board are you using? I have the STM32F0 Discovery, but I like just using the DL40 plugged into a breadboard and tinkering with that.

The F0 Discovery… it’s just too easy to have the onboard SWD debugger, and the thing is dirt cheap.

The F0 is also coming in TSSOP…

I have a tube of LPC1100s that are 28-DIP :slight_smile:

Makes me feel like I’m living in the ol’ 8-bit days again.

Guys I’ m talking about near future ti plans, not the actual ex LM remarked. They have for end of year a new bunch of m4 at 220mhz same mem or more and features as stm32f4. Will see…
I missed 28pin dip lpc1100 Aahah !

STM32F429/439 feature a DMA2D peripheral - ST call it the Chrom-ART graphics accelerator and it facilitates display of graphics on LCD to include bitmap enconding/decoding, management of multiple objects on the display, layering of objects and blending including support of transparency.

The new STM32F429 EvoPrimer has been released with demo application that shows the features and helps you get started via an API.

There’s a video of the demo on YouTube: And the sample apps are available at (Direct link: )