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Use of New topic and reply buttons are confusing


I find the New Topic and Reply buttons to be confusing the way they are now. I click new topic to start a new topic - makes sense. Then I edit the topic and have to hit new topic again. But is that really what I want? I want to submit the post I am editing, not start another new topic. I get that the “New Topic” is contextual and I can see why it might be how it is, but I always have to take a second look to make sure i am hitting the right button and I am not about to lose the edit I just made by starting a different new topic.

It is the same with reply. I hit reply and after editing, I need to reply again. But I have to make sure it doesn’t mean that I am about to start a new reply, but only complete the reply I am working on.

So, I suggest that the page where i edit my topic or reply have a different label on the button. Maybe “Post New Topic” and “Post Reply” or “Submit Topic” or maybe even “Save”.

Ok, I am done - but wait, that button below the edit box says “New Topic”… is that what I want? I want to save the topic I am working on now. Ahhh, I don’t know. But I don’t see any other options! I guess i will click it and see what happens. But I think I will make a copy of my post to the clipboard just in case. Here goes, fingers crossed…


Buttons do have different label for new topic, reply and for edit! Maybe I am not understanding what you want?


To reply to this topic, I have to hit Reply, as I just did. Now that I am done editing, I have to hit another button that says “Reply”

When you replied to my message, you started by clicking reply, but when you finished typing, you clicked another button that said, Reply.

  1. Decide to reply.
  2. Click Reply (goes to page where you can type reply)
  3. Type response.
  4. Click Reply (saves message and goes back to forum).