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Use of ICMP ping


First port here, but not my first rodeo…

We are evaluating the use of .NetMF to replace an existing device on a network. The device uses ping to determine a few things about the network and to do some configuration changes, so ICMP is not optional, and this has to be very reliable.
In searching this forum, it appears that ICMP has been problematic in the recent past, which leads to a couple of questions:

  1. Have the ICMP problems been fixed?
  2. Is there a known good set of firmware/drivers and hardware that just work when using ICMP?

Thanks in advance.


I do not think there is an interface to manually use icmp but I do not see why would this be needed. The ping service is handled by the stack automatically.

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Also, I am not aware of any issues around icmp.


Interesting… on 4.2, i have some troubles to initiate a proper network configuration. I can see with wireshark ICMP sentence with the correct IP address but the board does not respond to ping. Could this be related (it appears sometimes on EMX) and I have a test case on G400 where the bug (i guess in my code) is permanent.