Use Micro Framework with STM3240G-EVAL Board

I am trying to find information on how to use the micro framework with this board. Visual Studio is not able to recognize the board is connected so I know I have the configuration incorrect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@ csnyder29 - which firmware are you using ? Did you compile it yourself ?

I am only able to connect to the board using the ST-Link, and have yet to install firmware. What should I be using? I am new to this board and still learning my way around.

There’s not a specific port of netmf for this device that I can see. The F429 Discovery board on the other hand has a supported netmf port available for download. My suspicion is if you wanted this as an easy to use netmf device you may be in for a surprise :slight_smile: :frowning: .

@ Brett - that is what I was afraid of. I can find tons of information for the discovery board but not the EVAL board.

You can find the older sources at

You have to compile them.

Hardest part would be to add the external ram to the base port - not overly hard for one of the nerds to front up.

And no @ Brett… it wont be this nerd as i am using the Disco429

@ Bill Gates - F429 you say, what netmf version do you have running ? I’m hoping for 4.3.1 …

@ Twimc - Depending where you use it for, if it is for study etc. then maybe the next netmf is something to look at there is already a port for the STM32F4Discovery. I know it is at least compiling the FW and SDK I’m just waiting for the board to give it a try… and see how far I get.

Furthermore I’m trying to get it to run on a NUCLEOF411RE but the compile of the FW failed me yet … 1st try and I am afraid there will be more :think:

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@ PiWi - 4.3.1 downunder build

Does this build have native LCD support?

@ scardinale - no

I have the same build from @ Justin.

Maybe we should ask Cuno to provide us an updated version, if I’m correct they made the netmf port to the 429 Disco

The TFT display support for the 4.3 port from ST is not covered by beerware licensing… so don’t hold your breath…

With Cuno I mean the original port 4.3.0 and that has the lcd support or …

The needed libraries for the display are from ST and not licensed for open source…

apparently it’s an ILI9341 controller (in full RGB mode not in SPI mode) so actually, there’s a chance that’s something we could bang on and make progress… it would be slow but it might be progress…