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USBwiz and hex data jpeg picture


hey every one, first of all i want you to excuse me for my bad english
i will try to describe my problem as much as i can
and i’m hoping some one can help me with it.
i’m working on my graduation project and i’m using the usbwiz ome board
which is connected to an atmel 8051 mcu and this mcu is connected to a cmos camera
and i get from this camera a jpeg picture in hex and i want to store this picture in a usb flash
connected to the usbwiz
but i think that the usbwiz takes only dword data in “wf” command so what could i do ??
thanks in advance for your help and again sorry for my bad english


Get rid of your 8051 and get yourself a FEZ Panda. You will finish your project with much better ease and quality.

USBwiz is old and not supported