I have a number of the raw ( i.e. unprogrammed ) LPC2387FBD100 devices on prototyping PCBS.

Assuming that this chip is identical to the USBizi100 - am I able to use MY existing devices to create a functional gadgeteer module? ( Functional as regards software - the hardware is of course unique ).

What are the drawbacks if this is possible?
Are firmware images available or is the USBizi100 device preloaded and protected in some way.


Welcome to the forum.

The USBizi devices are protected.

But, this will help you get started on porting the micro framework to your chips.

Unless you are planning on selling 10000 of your custom hardware devices, the GHI chips for $17 are a more cost effective approach.

The base firmware for those chips is actually open-source. Look for the GHI open USBizi page on CodePlex (I don’t have a link handy)

Obviously, you won’t get the GHI Premium library, but you’ll be able to use vanilla NETMF 4.1, at least.

GHI would need to comment, but I don’t think the codeplex content was finalised… could be wrong there, but I never saw anyone who took it and deployed to a raw LPC2387.

It is a skeleton code that has a lot of things, ot everything. I think you can boot and ping over serial. So you have something working to start with. I think UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO are already there.