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USBizi100 Micro SD card interface pin out - Card Detect


I just ordered some USBizi100 Chipset for a project which will have an SD card.
Searching the forum, I found a post which discusses this Card Detect pin on the Panda II.

Now, both the Panda II and FezMini use the USBizi100 and both have an SD card. So I thought they would both have same pinout for micro SD card - but NO. :o :frowning:

Please confirm

1.) On the schematic for the Panda II, IO43 is connected to the card detection switch on the Micro SD connector (true/false)?

2.) On the schematic for the FezMini, IO43 is NOT connected to the microSD card connector AT all (True/False)? and instead the Mode pin is connected to SD expansion header - is this pin used for Card Detect?

Finally, when I design with the USBizi100 chipset, which pin should I use for Card Detect on the SD card?? I’m guessing the selection of the Card Detect pin will determine which version of firmware is loaded on the USBizi100 chip, So does the USBizi100 come with Panda II firmware, FEZmini firmware or is it blank?

Best Reference Design (Panda II or Mini)
Finally, reading between the lines, it appears the Fez Mini is being phased out based on the fact that the Fez Mini Eval kit is no longer being offered. If true, its my guess that I should base our design on the Fez Panda II firmware.

Sorry for all the questions but its unclear for the documentation which is the best reference design and I’d like to avoid as many problems as possible while doing my hardware design.


Please use the Panda II schematics as a reference. The FEZ mini does not wire in a SD card connector.

The USBizi will come with the GHI bootloader. You will have to update the firmware using the latest USBizi firmware. Ensure that your design exposes the BL and Reset pins.



What Rajesh said is correct.