USBIzi uncaught exception

Hi, We have been developing on USBizi and have noticed that if we get an uncaught exception the system locks up (this is know behaviour I think), I have seen some comments which suggest certain builds of NETMF will reboot on an uncaught exception which would be fine for us.

Could someone please explain if the USBizi device should reboot to lockup (I presume actually it just terminates the application)

If we could get to a reboot we would be happy

Many thanks

The key here is to use a watchdog.

Outside of using the watchdog.

Are there any unhandled exceptions that could cause a panda to auto reboot?

A proper embedded application should not have unhandled exceptions. You must
plan and take appropriate actions for exceptions.

Hi, I take the point about not allowing unhandled exceptions but it is very tricky to catch everything!!!

I hadn’t realised the NETMF included a watchdog class, this will clearly fix our issue if it works OK so we will give it a try

Many thanks for the comments

Usually 80% of a project’s code is handling the situations when something goes wrong. :slight_smile:

That is not what I asked at all.

I asked a general question. Are there any exceptions which could result in an auto reboot on this platform?

I apologize. I must have had no idea what question you were asking.

No exceptions cause reboot.

Excellent, thank you for clearing that up.