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  1. I have a USBizi Development System and would like to know if the software of a FEZ Domino or vice versa could work.
  2. The guy from whom i have iherited this board told me that the UEXT connecter of FEZ Domino and the H2 connector of USBizi Devsys should be the same. He doesn’t have any further info to this board, as in his frustation has thrown away all the technical info and the complete software and has changed to a complete different system. The board survived in a drawer. Is there info available ? That would be a great help.


All these boards run the same chipset, USBizi. So, they work exactly the same way.

The old board you have is not “beginner friendly” like FEZ. Also, it was discontinued months ago. So, if you want to use the board, you are on your own. No support is provided.

I highly recommend you get a FEZ Domino to get you started and then you can use the old board once you learn about USBizi.

To see the differences between the boards, check the schematics

Do not forget to update the firmware to the latest


Thanks for your quick response and the schematics. I do own a FEZ Domino. Thats the reason why the USBizi DevSys found its way to me. I a struggling a bit with the SPI to adapt a Arduino Siemens S65 Display Shield to the Domino. I thought there were some SPI samples for the old board. Nevermind i’ll keep on fighting and put the USBizi DevSys in my drawer instead of throwing it away.


Yes, do not throw it away. Once you understand what is going on then you can come back to it