USBizi and the 96k

USBizi144 lists 96kb as its RAM.

Does this mean 96k for my application? Or 96k minus whatever the .NET runtime takes up? If its the latter, how much RAM is actually available to my app?


@ rgelb
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Please have a look at these two threads:

It is approximately 181K - [the total ROM amount]

Please look at product compsrasion on catalog.

Free ram was about 60k+ IIRC.

@ Gus, sorry, I totally forgot, I actually used USBizi with the Robot Kit. The available ram is about 35k or so.

Not correct, it is double what you said :slight_smile:


This is from the Robot Kit, which I am assuming has the same USBizi chip as sold in bulk. First line in program.cs, void main() is Debug.GC(false) with nothing instantiated as a module level variable. It states 38988 bytes available. Unless I am reading this wrong.

GC: 1msec 25392 bytes used, 38988 bytes available
Type 0F (STRING ): 216 bytes
Type 11 (CLASS ): 1968 bytes
Type 12 (VALUETYPE ): 48 bytes
Type 13 (SZARRAY ): 624 bytes
Type 15 (FREEBLOCK ): 38988 bytes
Type 16 (CACHEDBLOCK ): 72 bytes
Type 17 (ASSEMBLY ): 18660 bytes
Type 18 (WEAKCLASS ): 48 bytes
Type 19 (REFLECTION ): 144 bytes
Type 1B (DELEGATE_HEAD ): 72 bytes
Type 1D (OBJECT_TO_EVENT ): 72 bytes
Type 1E (BINARY_BLOB_HEAD ): 744 bytes
Type 1F (THREAD ): 384 bytes
Type 20 (SUBTHREAD ): 48 bytes
Type 21 (STACK_FRAME ): 408 bytes
Type 27 (FINALIZER_HEAD ): 144 bytes
Type 31 (IO_PORT ): 108 bytes
Type 34 (APPDOMAIN_HEAD ): 72 bytes
Type 36 (APPDOMAIN_ASSEMBLY ): 1560 bytes

The netmf heap size is 62k but then anything you load start using it.