UsbDP blinking, Spider not reacting

I am afraid I have fried a Spider, not sure why.

The LED on the USB-DP is blinking, no matter the power-source, and the PC cannot recognize the device?

Any ideas what that means?

@ njbuch - Take a look at the Note on the product description:

Too many modules, my friend? :slight_smile:

Ok, but there was only a few modules on it, when it happened, and I have tested with no modules at all, same thing.

Do you have the non-serial camera module? If so you could plug it into the DP and it should show up as a USB web-cam.

@ njbuch - Doesn’t sounds good. I’ll take andre’s advise, but I am not sure if it is “rmable”.

I wonder if there is a short somewhere. What happens if it is just power module connected to PC ( without mainboard attached )?

Different power module same story.