UsbClientSP missingf from toolbox?

I don’t know if I made a mistake when I installed the GHI “stuff” or not, but when I try to build a project I don’t see UsbClientSP in the toolbox. Should I see it?

Not sure but you do not need to add it to the designer as it is doesn’t do anything, beside connecting the USB pins.

it has “always” been missing.

@ Gus - My guess is that I use the UsbClientDP when I want to know where to hook the SP in? I know once I get use to Cerberus and Hydra it won’t matter.

SP is a “D” module. Hook it into any “D” socket.

@ ianlee74 - Knowing that D goes to D sometimes is not enough. One still need to find the D connection on the main board and the VS Gadgeteer project was is a great albet lazy way to find where the connections are.
I found that the power module was missing while trying to show of my co-workers how easy it was to learn to use .NETMF and Gadgeteer. I foolishly tried to impress them by showing how the project in VS makes the connection fool proof. Like I said, for now I will just use UsbClientDP, I know it is not needed, until we are all more comfortable with the main boards.
Before some kind soul points out, I know the start-up guide does show how to connect the D module and does not show using the UsbclientSP or DP in the example project either.
Finally, I do understand why it was not included.

You’re right. It really should be included in the toolbox just to complete the user experience if nothing else.

Until the SP module is added, you can use the DP module in the designer. It does not make a difference.

@ Mike - Thanks that is what I thought.