USB wireless to USB

Hi guys, have any of you come across a wireless USB device ?
I am not talking Wi-Fi wireless.

Rather I would like to drop my USB cable from my computer to said device.

I would like to basically stick in a little USB flash drive size thing in my PC’s USB port that is paired to another USB flash drive size thing into my other device that would mimic me having a cable in between.

@ VersaModule -
I think there are many Bluetooth USB Adapters commercially availabe. If the remote device is a Gadgeteer you could create a solution with the GHI Bluetooth module or the Bluetooth Bee module (see my Codeshare contribution).

Edit: Sorry, I think, I promised too much. There were USB-Bluetooth Printer Adapter some years ago:
or Bluetooth to serial adapter : Pico Plug
But I think, they are not supported by Windows 7 or 8.

If you ever came across something like this, I’d be very interested. I have a USB device (X-Arcade) that I’d like to use from the couch/coffee table without stretching a cable across the floor. I’ve looked before for a solution, but I haven’t found one that’s satisfactory.

Theres’s this, which apparently works, but it’s clunky and expensive:

I once used a Network USB device (USB over Ethernet). It wasn’t even wireless.
Horrible Thing. The “Driver” ran in user Mode. The USB devices worked only when a user was loged in!
Every USB device needed to be activated manually before it worked.